Graduate Thesis; Observations on the disparate nature between Bloomfield Hills and Detroit regarding the increasing speed of technology, birth of the internet, the dying of fossil fuels, transportation with the way we lived and will live, circa 1997.
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Installation and Film, 'The Speed of Things' or, 'untitled 5-4=1' 
After constructing a typographical narrative based on this disparate nature, i built a concrete monolith based on Le Corbusier's 'Modular Man,' iron pedestals for four 16mm projectors and placed the structure at the architectural cross-section of the Cranbrook campus; aimed two projectors inward, two outward on the walls of the library and museum and recorded the results – and the degradation of the structure over the two weeks.
'Structure' series
'Lotion + Technology' series
Critical Studies + Humanities posters
Letters to Elliott
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